The Final Earth 2

The Final Earth 2

The Final Earth 2, repopulate the Earth and build a colony. Fast forward to 2142 in which the Earth has become a barren wasteland devoid of life. Welcome to The Final Earth 2. If you enjoyed the first version of this game, the sequel proves just as exciting and interesting. As a survivor, you must collect materials such as wood and stone and build houses to create a colony.

Resource management and workforce assignment are key aspects of this title. The free gaming involves building new structures, but also assigning workers to collect the materials. For example, assign a worker to mine stone and take it to the stone storehouse.

Also, take care of the research and ensure that there are enough houses to support the growing civilization. Workers will collect materials automatically - you have to manage those resources and grow your colony. The exploration center, for example, is where research is performed. Unlock new technologies such as improved resource collecting equipment.

The graphics may be simple, but the colony building gameplay is addictive. Work hard to build your civilization and help save the Earth from destruction.

Release Date

June 2019


Florian van Strien made The Final Earth 2. He is the developer of circloO2, the winner of RoyaGames developer contest in 2018 and also made another cool game called Stop the Darkness.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Use the mouse to play. Tip: Ctrl+Click near a citizen to follow them!