Pick Head

Pick Head is the knife throwing arcade game in which you must use your deadly nija skills to throw knifes at a large rotating board. You must use timing and super ninja skills to throw all of the knife in your hand at the board successfully. You must find clear areas in the board to throw your knife otherwise they will ricochet off of one another.

You must master your aim and timing as the more knife you throw, the less space that you have on the board to hit. There are many difficult levels to complete all with cool different skins on the boards. The boards will also rotate in different directions for an added challenge. Good luck!

Release Date

July 2018


Gamebuilt developed Pick Head.


  • Knife throwing game that is inspired by the famous Knife Hit
  • Ninja enemies
  • Different rotating behaviors
  • Collectible coins to continue a failed level once


This game is a web browser game (desktop and mobile).



Left click to throw the knife.
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