Love Glass

Love Glass is a fun puzzle game in which you must try and fill up two glasses with water! This is the awesome sequel to the popular Happy Glass game. In the first title there was just one glass, now you have two, and they form a couple who are in love!

As usual, you must draw a line or shape with your pencil to alter the flow of the water. Consider carefully where the two glasses are and try to be logical. You must fill both glasses up past the checkered line to complete the level with three stars! With plenty of levels to play, this game is so much fun!

Release Date

December 2018 (WebGL).


Amine developed this game.


  • 30 levels to play
  • Physics-based element
  • Drawing mechanism: you are free to draw to solve each level creatively
  • Two glasses to fill
  • Fun music


Love Glass is a web browser game. We also have the iOS version.



Hold left mouse button to draw.
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