Heart Box

Heart Box is a fun physics based puzzle game that takes inspiration from the hugely popular Cut the Rope title. In this title you must destroy objects and make use of physics to move the black box into the red container at the end of each level. Look at how the different objects, platforms and obstacles are positioned and consider how destroying one could affect the path of the box.

Each level contains a different challenge and a different set of obstacles to navigate. Furthermore, each level has some optional challenges you can try to complete on top of the main objective. With a myriad of levels and challenges, this game has great playability and will keep you entertained for hours! Can you become the master of the heart box?

Release Date

This game was released as mobile apps in December 2016. Starting February 2018, you can play the game online.


Heart Box was made by Konstantin Radchenko.


  • Challenging puzzle game to put the box in the container or vise versa
  • Each level has 3 side-missions, like time attack and obstacle avoiding missions
  • Two themes in each area
  • You can use hint to help to solve a level


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android
  • iOS



Left click to destroy an object.
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