Gun Master

Gun Master

Take on the bad guys in Gun Master Game! Help our hero to kill all his enemies. Aim carefully and don't miss a shot. Gun Master Game tests your reflexes and finger speed. Your pixelated character moves up through various levels and you must eliminate the bad guys with your chosen weapon.

This is not a tower defense game, instead, it has endless mechanics, but you do not have to restart each time you die. Your character’s weapon aims automatically - you must simply click the fire button (left click) at the right trajectory so that the bullet hits.

Timing is key and you must react quick - especially when enemies are further away and the angle is shallower. As you play you can unlock new costumes for your characters such as camouflage and a cowboy outfit! You can also unlock a cool range of weapons such as machine guns and sniper rifles.

At the end of each stage, there is a difficult boss to fight - you must shoot this boss several consecutive times to kill them and progress to the next level. Pick up your pixelated weapon and see what high score you can earn today in Gun Master!

Release Date

October 2019


Gun Master is developed by BPTop, which is inspired by Mr. Gun from Ketchapp.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Left mouse button to shoot.