8.2 is the space battle game in which you can jump behind the controls of a galactic space craft capable of destroying aircrafts and conquering planets. You are travelling through the cosmos trying to conquer all.

You must defeat all enemy aircraft efficiently without being destroyed yourself, be careful in dangerous asteroid fields as they can damage your ship critically. You can conquer planets by laying your landing pad on the surface of them and calling them your own. Shoot down stars to claim the powerups that lay within them plus there will sometimes be health packs to restore your space ship. Good luck!

Release Date

August 2018


  • Unique manoeuvring controls using mouse and spacebar to shoot.
  • Many different ship upgrades.
  • Shoot asteroids, planets and moons to collect upgrade materials.
  • Battle against players from all over the world!


Zachary Richards


This game is a web browser game.


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