HD Puzzles: City Puzzles
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HD Puzzles: City Puzzles

HD Puzzles: City Puzzles is the online way to complete brainteasing puzzles and this edition is all about iconic cities in stunning high definition! Use the mouse to hover over pieces and click and drag to place them anywhere in the play area.

Just like traditional jigsaw puzzles find the correct pieces that fit together then snap them together to start to piece together the complete picture and witness the jaw dropping image of an iconic city appear. There are levels of difficulty to choose from so this game is perfect for all ages. Here is a little hint on us - Start with the corners!

Release Date

April 2017


  • Jigsaw puzzle with cities theme
  • 8 image categories with over 70 images
  • HD graphics
  • Nice music that accompanies you throughout the game


Web browser


  • Drag left mouse button to move a puzzle's piece
  • Hold space bar to preview