About RoyaGames

RoyaGames is a browser games platform for the worldwide users. It features free games ranging from 3D first person shooters to puzzle games. The most popular categories are driving (car & bike) games, clicker games, minecraft games, stickman games, and .io games. Every day we carefully select a few high-quality games to add to the website.

With recent technologies, the browser has become an extremely powerful gaming platform. Amazing 3D graphics and near-native level performance are becoming possible without the need for downloads, apps, or platform-specific development.

Our Vision

  1. The browser is the gaming platform of the future: Thanks to WebGL and WebAssembly, the browser is getting as strong as native. In addition it’s ubiquitous and accessible. Gaming will move to the browser, just like document editing, news, and TV.
  2. Players know best: The best way to evaluate a game is to get people to play it. Players have the final word.

Our Team

RoyaGames was founded in 2015 . Our offices are at 1st Floor, Huamao Apartment, Chaoyang District, Beijing


If you would like to discuss something, please get in touch!

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